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Photon mini DLP Projector

An entire cinema in a tiny package.

Photon mini DLP Projector

An entire cinema in a tiny package.

Photon DLP Projector

New to our line, the Photon packs a serious punch in a tiny package.


Chromos V.2

The original full HD compact projector with updated features.



Can I do more with the projectors than windows?

Yes! You can stream movies and TV on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, and all your favorite platforms. You can also easily play video games from our projectors. The Photon works independently as a bluetooth speaker as well.

What is the Window Pack, and how does it work?

Window Pack 1 is our brand new, pre-loaded USB flash drive that comes with 30 different custom-made window videos to project on walls or screens. To use, you simply need to plug the drive into your projector and select which window you want to play.

Can the projectors connect to Apple iOS devices?

Yes, even though the operating system of the projectors is Android, they can still connect to any Apple iOS device.

Are the projectors wireless?

Yes, both the Chromos and Photon have wireless capabilities. The Chromos is not rechargeable whereas the Photon does have a rechargeable battery for completely wire-free use. Both projectors can connect to WiFi and can connect to smart devices wirelessly.